Autumn Term 2018

Our new term starts Monday 10th September. New members are always welcome. Do just come on down to Wiltshire Music Centre for 7.30pm start and introduce yourself to our Secretary, Lynden. Mike Daniels our Musical Director will then show you to the different groups and suggest the best one for you.  Registration is a quick form to fill in. We offer ‘Try for a Fiver’, so there really is nothing to lose! 

We particularly welcome drummers and bass players, although we do have room for all instruments/vocalists.

Do get in touch if you would like to put your name down in advance to join us in September.

Emma Harris – vocals

Some local gigs coming up, come and see Emma Harris sing:
The Fringe Bar in Clifton, Friday 22nd June at 9pm. Anders Olinder – keys and Andrew Andy Tween – drums will be joining her.
The Cornerhouse pub in Frome, Sunday 24th June at 4pm. John Law on keys, Andy Tween – drums and Gary Alesbrook – Trumpet will be joining her. They will be doing a tribute  to the genius of Stevie Wonder.

Drummers wanted!

In Jan 2018 we suddenly found ourselves with four groups and two drummers. At Easter we find ourselves with NO DRUMMERS. So to entice you perky percussionists out of your houses, we are offering a special subscription discount. Contact us for more details.